Names and Hometowns of the 801st in World War II - Enlisted men U - Z

These names and addresses have been taken directly from the battalion official history. Only a few obvious spelling corrections have been made in city names. Most state abbrevations have been left as is except for a few (such as Wa. instead of Wn.) that would make no sense to modern searches. To see group photos of the men go to the Photo gallery.

Ulrich, James J.

San Francisco, Cal.

Urban, Theodore, F.

Nanticoke, Pa.

Vaccara. Joseph F.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Vance, Mackie M.

Fairview, Utah

VanDiepen, Thomas J.

Boyden, Ia.

VanDerlei, Richard M.

Bakersfield, Cal.

VanHorn, Harry A.

Sharpsville, Pa.

VanLuven, Carlton E. Sr.

Rochester, N.Y.

Vapelak, Charles L.

Arverne, N.Y.

Vaughn, Harold W.

Qulin, Mo.

Vergith, Edward E.

Titusville, Pa.

Vettorino, Joseph P.

Mt. Vernon, N.Y.

Villegas, Emilio G.

Morenci, Ariz.

Viller, Vincent D.

Denham Springs, La.

Vincent, Donald P.

Towanda, Pa.

Vincent, Max C.

Provo, Utah

Voelker, Clarence E.

Two River, Wis.

Votrian, Charles H.

O'Fallon, Ill.

Vuocolo, Guy

New Castle, Pa.

Wagner, William H.

Mt. Ulla, N.C.

Walker, Joseph L.

Berwyn, Ill.

Walker, William C.

Piedmont, Ala.

Walliner, Charles S.

Blakely, Pa.

Wallner, James V.

Sioux Falls, S.D.

Walsh, Frederick T.

Jamaica, N.Y.

Walters, Herbert H.

Kansas City, Mo.

Ward, Clois D.

Campbell, Mo.

Wasieczko, Stephen

Tonowanda, N.Y.

Wassom, Wiley W.

Hebron, Neb.

Watson, Bennett W. Jr.

Houston, Tex.

Waytak, Bernard S.

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Weales, Theodore J.

San Francisco, Cal.

Weber, Leo J.

Wilkinsburg, Pa.

Weed, Roland G.

Roosevelt, Utah

Weekley, Robert L.

Caremon, W. Va.

Weishaar. Charles G.

Baltimore, Md.

Weitman, Jessie T.

Glennville, Ga.

Welsh, Lewis R.

Carlisle, Pa.

Wenzen. Ralph J.

Milwaukee, Wis.

Werner, Reinold V.

Plymouth, Wis.

West, Robert G.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Westbrook, Walter G.

Granite City, Ill

Wheeler, Paul T.

Janesville, N.Y.

White, James A.

Unadilla, Neb.

White, Jesse J. Jr;

Hilton Village, Va.

Whitley, Nathen E.

Lubbock, Tex.

Whitley, Robert L.

Dryprong, La.

Wickham, Walter G.

Smithfield, N.C.

Wiedemann, Vincent J.

St. Louis, Mo.

Wiese, Clarence C.

Willow Springs, Mo.

Wietecha, Joseph

Philadelphia, Pa.

Wilkes, Houston B.

Riverside, Cal.

Wilkinson, John E.

Medford, Ore.

Willis, Dale H.

Vernal, Utah

Willis, Ernest J.

Caddo, Okla.

Wilmes, Henry A.

St. Charles, Mo.

Windham, Victor I.

Glendwood, Ga.

Wittman, Joseph B.

St. Louis, Mo.

Wolgast, Warren L.

Lemay, Mo.

Wood, Billy

Judsonia, Ark.

Woodson, Charles D.

Mt. Vernon, Mo.

Wyhs, Francis A.

St. Charles, Mo.

Wyrostek, Stanley J.

Chicago, Ill.

Yohe, Howard N.

Cedar Rapids, Ia.

Young, Floyd H.

Cadillac, Mich.

Yslas, Jesus L.

Daheny Park, Cal.

Zaccagnino, William C.

Port Chester, N.Y.

Zoch, Herbert G.

Port Arthur, Tex.