Robert Hawks - A personal story of World War II
in the 801st Engineer Aviation Battalion

These are the stories of Robert Hawks. Some of them he wrote down, but most were tales that were told and retold relaxing on a summer evening in law chairs out in the back yard or sitting around the living room on a quiet winter afternoon.

Many I remembered and wrote down well after the fact, so if there are any inaccuracies or exaggerations for effect you should blame the transcriber and not the original author.

Dad was remarkably consistent in his stories, something that always has the ring of truth for a historian. In several cases where historical facts could be checked they have been entirely accurate. But this should not detract from their enjoyment at all.



The driver's license

The grease gun

Flying kites and a
cattle massacre

Food fight

Shipping out

Landing on Terceira, Azores

Portuguese militia

Loose lips sink sergeants



Dodging B-17's

Family photos

At ease in Seattle

The USO show

Outrunning the Navy

The ice machine

A Navy shower