Names and hometowns of the 801st Enginneer Battalion in World War II

These lists contain the names and home towns of 818 men of the 801st, taken from the battalion official history. Only a few obvious spelling corrections have been made in city names. Most state abbreviations have been left as is except for a few (such as Wa. instead of Wn.) that would make no sense to modern searches.

The men came from 46 states of the Union - there were no representatives from sparsely populated Nevada or Wyoming - as well as one each from the District of Columbia, Mexico and Canada. Pennsylvania with 97 men was the most represented, followed by New York at 76, Texas at 60, and a surprising Missouri at 54. Did a couple of truckloads of Missouri boys come in just as the battalion was forming? As befits any World War II movie, 17 men came from Brooklyn (a separate city at the time) - more than from most states. But the best represented town per capita has to be tiny Cabool, Missouri, with three men, including Earl and Merle Ray - twins?


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