Names and Hometowns of the 801st in World War II - Enlisted men C - E

These names and addresses have been taken directly from the battalion official history. Only a few obvious spelling corrections have been made in city names. Most state abbrevations have been left as is except for a few (such as Wa. instead of Wn.) that would make no sense to modern searches. To see group photos of the men go to the Photo gallery.

Cagle, Johnny E.

Ozark, Ark.

Cagle, Robert E.

Hazard, Ky.

Campbell, Marvin K.

Page, Ida.

Campbell, Robert A.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Campbell, William J.

Kalamazoo, Mich.

Capuzzi, Andrew R.

Tampa, Fla.

Carlsen, Leif A.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Carson, John S.

Wichita Falls,Tex.

Carter, Opal N.

Musogie, Okla.

Casey, Reburn B.

Breckenridge, Tex.

Castro, Gildardo H.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Cantrell, Elmer M.

Hendersonville, N.C.

Caudill, Willie H.

Morehead. Ky.

Cauthen, Arniel

Houston. Tex.

Cea, Michael M.

New York, N. Y.

Chandler, Homer C.

Pocatello, Ida.

Chapman William C.

Glastonbury, Conn.

Chavez, Leo G.


Chin, Han K.


Chonski, Henry S.

Shenandoah, Pa.

Christello, Plaza

Baltimore, Md.

Church, Donald A.

Janesville, Wis.

Churly, Carle A.

Toronto, Canada.

Cleslewski, Clarence L.

Chicago, Ill.

Cisneros, Antonio M.


Clark, John C.

New Market, Ala.

Clark, Robert N.

St. Louis, Mo.

Clay, William Jr.

Kerman, Cal.

Clemens, Arthur J.

Everett, Mass

Cline, William H.

Woodworth, N.D.

Cocogliato, John J.

Chicago, Ill.

Codey, Philip F.

S. Norwalk, Conn.

Cohen, Edward

Mt. Vernon, N.Y.

Colegrove, Clyde A.

Enid, Okla.

Collins, Leon C.

Mt. Pleasant, Tex.

Cominale, Joseph

New York, N.Y.

Connally, Lynton E.

Hominy, Okla.

Cook, Pearl Jr.

Pomona, Mo.

Cook, Robert L.

San Bernardino, Cal.

Cookerly, Fred S. Sr.

New Cumberland, Pa.

Cooper, Leonard G.

Oxford, Ala.

Cooper, Roy E.

Litchfield, Ill.

Corcoran, Thomas C.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Cordell, Franklin W.

Chambersburg, Pa.

Correa, Paul Sr.

Stockton, Pa.

Couch, Shafter

Elkhart, Ind.

Cox, Archie R.

Halstead, Kans.

Cox, Creed E.

Comache, Okla.

Cox, Ray G.

Pascagoula, Miss.

Coyle, Thomas J.

Rochester, N.Y.

Crawford, Clee M.

Klamath Falls, Ore.

Crawford, George G.

Gloucester, N.J.

Crawford, Williard D.

Farmdale, Ohio

Creason, Don W.

St.Louis, Mo.

Crimmins, Anthony D.

Galena, Ill.

Crisher, R.J.

Hamtramck, Mich.

Crose, Hobert

Union City, Ind.

Crosier, Robert E.

Austed, W. Va.

Cross, Stuart M. Jr.

Upper Darby, Pa.

Crumpler, Charlie T.

El Dorado, Ark.

Cullotta, Dominick V.

Chicago, Ill.

Cunningham, Thomas J.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Curtis, Henry R.

Idion Field, Ky.

Curtis, Kenneth L.

Osage City, Kan.

Curtis, Ralph W.

Brooklyn, Mich.

Cuveliev, Albert

Auga Dulche, Tex.

Dail, Earnest Jr.

Kinston, N.C.

Dana, Russell O.

Lansing, Mich.

Davis. Clyde E.

Dallas, Ore.

Davis, Emerson.

Large, Pa.

Davis, Ernest L.

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Davis, Ira R.

Wildwood N.J.

Davis, James R.

Russell, Ark.

Daywalt, Gerald T.

Philadelphia, Pa.

DeBellis, Charles P.

Chicago Ill.

DeFrancesco, Eugene J.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

DeHaut, Frank F.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

DeHaven, Edwin R.

Glennmore, Pa.

Demarco, Andrew J.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Demuth, Charles L.

Alton, Ill.

Denham, Robert E.

Olathe, Col.

Dennison, Floyd E.

Waller, Tex.

Derby, William P.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Deutch, Morris.

Chicago, Ill.

Devnew, Edward P.

Granby, Conn.

Deweese, Dennis.

Love, Ky.

Dillenburg, Alven L.

San Francisco, Cal.

Doerr, Gilbert G.

San Antonio, Tex.

Donovan, James F.

Sharon Hill, Pa.

Dorough, Wesley P.

Cotulla, Tex.

Doss, Claude W.

Mineral Wells, Tex.

Dougherty, John A.

Erie, Pa.

Dowgiello, John

Gary, Ind.

Drain, Billie J.

Nampa, Ida.

Drenzek, Frank E.

Thompsonville, Conn.

Driskell, Keith B.

St. Louis, Mo.

Druba, Arthur V.

Cohoes, N.Y.

Ducote Blume J.

Pineville, La.

Dugan, David W.

Hollidaysburg, Pa.

Dunn, Tommy

St. Louis, Mo.

Dyer, John W.

Birmingham, Ala.

Eaton, Lawrenoe E.

Kansas City, Kans.

Edwards, Clarence D.

No.Dartmouth, Mass.

Elkins, Lyle H.

Fisher ,Ill.

Elsey, Clyde W.

East Vanport, Ore.

Elvin, Arthur J. Jr.

Derby, N.Y.

Ervin, John W. Jr.

Glaster, Miss.

Esquivel, Alfonso

Nuevo Laredo, Mex.

Evangelista, Angelo A.

Philadelphia, Pa.