Names and Hometowns - Officers of the 801st Engineer Battalion in World War II

These names and addresses have been taken directly from the battalion official history. Only a few obvious spelling corrections have been made in city names. To see group photos of the men go to the Photo gallery.
(C.E. = Corps of Engineers)

Anderson, Stanley W., 1st Lt., C.E.

Sioux City, IA

Austin, William M., 1st Lt., C.E.

Wellsville, NY

Bapst, Harry J., 1st Lt., C.E.

Elizabeth NJ

Barrett, Robert C., Capt., M.C.

Carnegie, PA

Bronstein, Sewall P., 1st Lt., C.E.

Rumford, ME

Burch, Cameron W., Major, C.E.

Carbondale, IL

Butler, Philo W. Jr., Capt., C.E.

Scranton, PA

Christiana, John H., 1st Lt., C.E.

Wellsville, NY

Clifford, Robert L., Major, C.E.

Dexter, ME

Coen, Jeremiah P.M., 2nd Lt., C.E.

Brooklyn, NY

Cone, James R., 1st Lt., C.E.

Muskegon MI

Egly, Robert C., 1st Lt, C.E.

Petroleum, IN

Elter, Charles G., 1st Lt., C.E.

Philadelphia, PA

Galanti, Philip J., Lt. Col., C.E.

Spokane, WA

Gates, Sheridan D., 2nd Lt., C.E.

Missoula, MT

Heising, Leonard F., 1st Lt., C.E.

New York, NY

Hoppe, Wilkins B., Capt., C.E.

Winters, TX

Kelly, William P., 1st Lt., M.A.C.

Comshohocken, PA

Mayhew, Walter W., Capt., C.E.

Minneapolis, MN

McCluire, George N., 1st Lt., C.E.

Williamsville, NY

Mitchell, Walter E., 1st Lt., C.E.*

Rifle, CO

Moffatt, Joseph F., 1st Lt., C.E.

Austin, TX

Mollick, Joseph N., 2nd Lt, C.E.

Philadelphia, PA

Neidenstein, Oscar C. Jr., 1st Lt., C.E.

Ocean Grove, NJ

Paulsen, Arthur F., Capt., C.E.

Chicago, IL

Peirce, Earl H., 1st Lt., C.E.

Brigham City, UT

Schroeder, Jack E., Capt., C.E.

Detroit, MI

Schwartz, Myron., 1st Lt., C.E.

Paterson, NJ

Shafer, Alvert L., 2nd.Lt., A.C.

Olney, IL

Stratton, James R., 1st Lt., C.E.

Shasta County, CA

Tallman, Clare E., Capt., CH.

Monte Vista, CO

Touby, Harry., 1st Lt., C.E.

Miami, FL

Vaccaro, Sam C., Capt., D.C.

Tampa, FL

Vivrett, Walter K., 2nd Lt., C.E.

Nashville, TN

Walsh, Raycroft Jr., 2nd Lt., C.E.

West Hartford, CN

Williams, Howard L., 1st Lt., C.E.

Columbus, OH

Williamson, Norman M., 1st Lt., C.E.

Dover, NH

Zegarski, Ralph A., 2nd Lt., Inf.

Coldwater, MI

* Lt. Mitchell was omitted from the original list as he returned to the States from the Azores for surgery and did not rejoin the 801st when it redeployed to Okinawa. Thanks to his son, Bob, who provided the information!