Family photos

Dad used his thirty day leave to head home. it was the first time back in well over a year, and thirty days was barely time to renew connections with friends and family. The Hawks home was a double blue star home, with two boys in the service.

Dad's stay at home was not without difficulty. He had no fuel ration stamps, and when he went to gas up his car at the local Standard station he was turned away. He went across the street to the Sinclair station - the only other gas station in town - where the owner had no problem with a local boy in uniform just back from overseas. "Don't worry about those stamps," he said, "we'll take care of you!" Dad bought his gas at that station for the next forty years until the owner retired.

Dad and his parents, Horace and Lois, taken in 1943


Dad's older brother Orville was a mechanic in the Third Army in Europe. His younger brother Phil was too young for this war but got his chance when he was drafted for Korea.

Phil probably took the top photo on the page (which may explain the slight blurriness) and later became a professional photographer.

Phil (left) and Orville (right) Hawks,
probably taken in 1945

both photos from the Hawks collection